Hello and welcome to Arrange your Admin.

Founded by Maria Baines in 2019 offering a variation of Essential every day admin, as well as some more bespoke tailored services to help you and your business.

Having worked extensively in Admin and Customer Service roles, Maria decided it was time to help many businesses and has not since looked back.

Specialties lie with project management, customer service, reporting and business growth and development.

If you are looking for help with general admin, travel plans, diary management, reports or anything else that may assist please do get in touch to discuss.

So what is a Virtual Assistant (VA) and why use one?

A VA is an independent business owner who works remotely to your business. No desk in your office or home required!

As a Company we use our own resources – you don’t need to provide stationery nor equipment, just instruction!

We communicate with you using email & online programs, plus phone calls, What’s App, text and Messenger services. 

We represent your business seamlessly – your clients will never know we are virtual and not in your workplace if you don’t wish them to.

What are the benefits of using a VA?

When business owners or Individuals partner with a VA, they receive support from a skilled professional at a more affordable price than an on-site team member. They wont be paying for operating costs, insurance and employee benefits such as annual leave, pension, Tax and NI.

A VA is ready to step in to support ongoing or new projects and help where required. Saving money, but importantly giving their clients back their valuable time!

If you think we can help you and ‘Arrange Your Admin’ , please contact us. We are ‘Always Happy to Help’

Circle profile picture of Maria Baines Business Owner of Arrange Your Admin
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