Joining the world of Ipswich Networking!

Five hands all touching clenched fists over an office desk showing them to to connected and part of a network.

So, I’ve started my Virtual Assistant business journey. I have everything set up and now I need to focus on finding new customers to keep me busy!

Having time to catch up on housework, DIY (yes I have spent last week painting the lounge!), my own admin and friends and family is fantastic, but let’s face it it doesn’t bring in the pennies. I have taken advice from some fellow lone ranger freelance friends and decided the best way to promote my skills and find the lovely people in need of my services would seem to be networking.

Picture of before and after for the painting I have completed in the lounge this week
Last weeks painting work so far! Proving how diverse I am and can turn my hand to anything!!

Now I have attended a couple of networking events along the way in my employed roles. Varying experiences. One even led to a contact in photography for my daughter, that then led to her meeting her partner! Who knew these events can be good for dating too!! In fact, I found one such networking event, local to me, who is working on that basis! I quite like the idea of speed dating for business. It seems the idea is that you spend a short period of time with each person exchanging business cards before you move onto the next! My thinking is this could work….I’m thinking you just don’t know who you might find that you’d least expect to need your virtual admin assistant business services!

I’ve found before at Networking, that sometimes you find a friendly face, then don’t end up mingling with others. Top tip from an ex-colleague is to check out the members online before going so you can work out who you want to talk to. Great Idea I am thinking, but might I miss that one person I don’t think will need admin assistance but actually does? Hmmm, this is not as straight forward as I first thought.

I decided research is my best approach. Good old Google led me to Forbes 17 Tips to survive your next networking event, right now I’m scared…survive??!! I have decided to have no fear though. It’s about being confident and organised and that exactly what I am! I have the ability to complete tasks for people who don’t have the time, ability or inclination to do them themselves, freeing them up to get on with doing what they do best and that’s all I need to advise, along with taking some business cards I’m all set!

Research completed and decisions made. 4Networking seems to have a great community and came recommended by Matt Perks of Attwood Perks whom I met at the Quay to Growth Business Breakfast last week learning about SEO! I have signed up online and booked my first meeting with 4 Network in a couple of weeks time. I’m also off to MENTA Suffolk Enterprise for a Coffee Means Business Networking Session at the end of March. This Networking has a bonus of being free membership with a bargain cost on the day of £5. Also, the coffee morning is located in a setting at Seckford Hall that I have always wanted to visit. Added bonus!

So that’s it for this week! I have some plans in place for the coming month for Networking. I have also signed up to a Business Start Right Workshop for next month to ensure I am covering all the basics in my set up. I’ve applied online for some exciting new self-employed roles that could turn into potential new virtual admin business and have completed regular hours for one of my valued current clients Pro-Duct Clean Ltd. Last but not least I am over halfway through the painting! A productive week overall!

Here’s hoping your week has been a great one? If its been busy and you think you might benefit from a little help from Arrange Your Admin, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I’m Always Happy to Help! Also feel free to let me know your hints and tips for networking, all experiences, recommendations and ideas would be most welcomed.

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